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Virtual Book Table

The conference book table is a traditional place to celebrate recent new work by CAIS members.  After many conferences went virtual, we thought an online book table could continue to be a good place to showcase recent books/articles/other works by our members.

Works by 2024 CAIS/ACEI Keynotes

Recent publications by CAIS members and Irish studies community

Thomas O’Grady (Professor Emeritus Director of Irish Studies (1984-2019) University of Massachusetts Boston) recently published  “At Bear River Station: a Snapshot of Place and Time,” an essay "engaging with a century-old photograph involving my maternal ancestors, of Wexford stock, on my native Prince Edward Island." The essay was published in a special issue of Mosaic: an Interdisciplinary Critical Journal (Vol. 53, No. 4, 2020), centered on a reevaluation of Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida: PROJECT MUSE

CAIS/ACEI 2022 (held online) celebrated the work of our members and sharing recent Irish publications with conference attendees.  Information on publishers, authors, and--in some cases--discounts can be found  at the links below. 

Jane V. McGaughey's  Violent Loyalties: Manliness, Migration, and the Irish Canadas, 1798-1841

Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2020. 272 pages. ISBN 9781789621860 (cloth) USD $120  is available through Liverpool University Press.  

Laura McKenna's novel Words to Shape My Name (Dr. McKenna is a keynote at CAIS/ACEI 2022) is a historical novel that views the events of 1798 through the eyes of Tony Small, an African American who rescued Lord Edward Fitzgerald from a battlefield and became his closest companion.  Hilary Mantel described the novel as 

"an act of salvage, performed with great skill: cleanly written, sharp-eyed, undeceived."

Dr. McKenna's book is currently available in Ireland, and will be available soon in North America: it is also available as an ebook: see links for more information on print copies as well:


United States

Ireland (and ROW)

Keynote Carolina P. Amador-Moreno has written and/or edited several books on Irish-English and its history: several are offered at a discount during the conference; you can click on a link to access a flyer on the work:

Orality in Written Texts

An Introduction to Irish English

Voice and Discourse in the Irish Context

Irish Identities Sociolinguistic Perspectives

Keynote Gavin Foster (Marianna O'Gallagher Lecture)  is the author of The Irish Civil War and Society: Politics, Class, and Conflict (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) contributed an essay to the Royal Irish Academy's recent  collection,  Ireland 1922: Independence, Partition, Civil War

Patrick Mannion and Fearghal McGarry have edited  The Irish Revolution: A Global History.   This is available at a discount for a limited time: information available here.

Brad Kent has edited two volumes of a recent series of George Bernard Shaw works by Oxford University Press:  Access the flyer here.

McGill Queen's University Press has published several longtime CAIS Members' work, including Donald Akenson, Michele Holmgren (2021) , William Jenkins (2017),  Liam Kennedy (2022),  Brad Kent, (2016) Mark G. McGowan (2017) and David Wilson (2022). Their books, along with many other Irish-themed titles, are available at discount for a limited time.  See flyer in this link for more information.

Aileen Rose Ruane has a chapter in I Love the Craft, I Love the Work: The Theatre of Deirdre Kinahan.

Robert Grace has a chapter entitled "Quand l’hiver nous sépare : migrations saisonnières et stratégies de survie des familles irlandaises de Québec au XIXe  siècle" in the ebook Genre et travail migrant Mondes atlantiques, XIXe -XXe siècles  (Publibook,com 2009)

CANADIAN JOURNAL OF IRISH STUDIES Vol. 41.1 has just come back from the press.  Members can expect it by September.  To subscribe, please join CAIS.

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